Mi name is Ricardo Fermín and I’m the man behind 2nd Avenue Studio. I’m an Audio Engineer and I have been producing music for several years now. I love the music and everything about the audio and I love to create all kind of content

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Besides music and cinema, my biggest passion are video games. I have been playing since I was a child, and I like almost every genres: FPS, racing, sports, strategy, RPG… in general every game made with true dedication. I have used GameMaker, Unreal Engine and mainly Unity. I learned to program in C# and Java to develop my own projects, and there’s no concept of Game-Design that I could not understand. If I must choose my favourite, most of the days I would choose X-Com Terror From the Deep.

I always loved the cinema and all the audiovisual world. I really like sound design and I think that my passion for cinema and advertising makes me able to understand the needs of each project to make a good audio design work. I work with the audio loudness measurement normalization standards ITU-BS.1770 (USA) y EBU R128 (EUR)( what the are?).